Blue Velvet Ribbon

Blue velvet ribbon is used for literally anything and everything you can imagine—including winter decorations, holiday invitations, holiday cards, birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals, decorations for a baby boy’s room, and so much more! Blue ribbon can also be used for other applications such as clothing, bag straps, wedding decor, and other holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day—just to name a few. From celebrating a new baby boy to holiday decorations and events, the uses for blue velvet ribbon are as wide as your imagination.

At Such Good Supply, we offer a huge selection of velvet ribbon options, with over 75 colors and sizes to select from. Our blue velvet ribbon is sold by the yard, spool, or in bulk/wholesale—available in 7 different widths to meet your needs and fit with the project you have in mind. Some of the blue velvet ribbon colors and options we offer include navy velvet ribbon, royal blue velvet ribbon, cornflower blue velvet ribbon, baby blue velvet ribbon, sky blue velvet ribbon, teal velvet ribbon, navy blue glitter velvet ribbon, and many more.

Such Good Supply sells the highest quality ribbon available and will not tear, crinkle, or unravel on you. Additionally, all of our blue velvet ribbon options are completely washable and will not fade, even after multiple washes. Contact us with questions and get in touch today to purchase wholesale blue velvet ribbon from Such Good Supply!

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