About Us

So good to see you here!!

I'm Amanda, craft addict since I could talk.

I came from a long line of crafty ladies. My mom and grandma always had a project going and I was always quietly learning from them. 

All my thoughts are filled with craft ideas.  Like seriously, all of them. In 2007 I made the leap into making crafting my main job. It was scary and exciting and I've never felt so lucky as to have my passion turn into a business.  Mimi Green Dog Collars was born that year and the entire thing was bootstrapped. No seed money, no investor, no savings on my part! In order for me to order collar supplies and not go hungry, I also started Such Good Supply on etsy selling my favorite medium -- fabric!!!

Through the years things have evolved a lot.  My husband and I run Mimi Green full time and still share the materials we use here on Such Good Supply. Why? Because it took us ages to find crafting supplies we loved and sharing is caring! 

Such Good Supply has transitioned into a very specific site where we sell the Swiss velvet we use for Mimi Green collars, the blank dog shirts we use at Mimi Green and our famous, supple, amazing nylon webbing we use here as well. 

What's this mean? It means we have put these materials to the test. Dog's aren't exactly easy on items so we had to go with material that is practically bullet proof.  Not only do we use these materials, but we love them. I am a bit of a hedonist, I can't complete a project unless I am in LOVE with my materials; I know i'm not alone here. 

I am a nosey person and love to see the people I'm buying from and hear their stories. So in a nutshell, this is my story and here i am on a normal Tuesday in my super messy, busy office.  


Please reach out to me if you ever have any questions, want to set up a wholesale account with us or even just want to know where I got this cute dress (spoiler, it's from Target AND it has pockets!!!) 

With Love, 





Prefered Mediums:

(AKA Things I make on the daily or this mommy turns into a monster!)

Hand embroidery | Felt flowers | Hair Bows | QUILTS!!! | Dog collars   

Also love but do less often:

Crochet | Sewing Clothes + stuffies