25 Ways to Use Holiday Ribbon This Season

Holiday ribbon is a simple, affordable, and creative way to spruce up the decorations outside of your home, add something extra to holiday gifts and cards, and bring color and texture to your seasonal décor. So, we put together some unique ideas on how to decorate with holiday ribbon and incorporate it into your gift wrapping, holiday cards, and more!

How to Decorate with Holiday Ribbon

Here are some ways to incorporate holiday ribbon into your Christmas or holiday decorations:

  1. Hang ornaments on your tree using holiday ribbon instead of hooks
  2. Wrap holiday ribbon around the banisters of the staircases in your home
  3. Tie bows out of holiday ribbon and hang them on your tree
  4. Create ribbon garlands and hang them around your front door or outside pillars
  5. Use ribbon to hang ornaments on chandeliers or other lighting throughout your home
  6. Replace the star on top of your tree with a giant bow made out of holiday ribbon
  7. Tie ribbons around doorknobs to add some additional seasonal décor to your home
  8. Hang pieces of ribbon against a door or cabinet and attach photos down the ribbon
  9. Use holiday ribbon as fancy seasonal curtain ties
  10. Create your own tree garland using an assortment of holiday ribbon
  11. Attach a string of ornaments together using ribbon and hang as wall décor
  12. Use ribbon on wreaths and to hang wreaths both inside and outside of your home
  13. Tie bows around the base of your lamps or on vases throughout your home
  14. Hang bows from your stockings using an assortment of holiday ribbon
  15. Use ribbon to fancy up your mantle or fireplace
  16. Place ribbons or bows made from ribbons anywhere you want to add a splash of color or texture inside and outside of your home

How to Use Holiday Ribbon on Gifts & Cards

Here are some ideas for incorporating holiday ribbon in your gift wrapping, holiday cards, and more:

  1. Wrap your holiday ribbon around gift cards and tie it into a fancy bow on top
  2. Make large gift bows to put on presents that are too large or awkward to wrap
  3. Create name tags for presents out of your holiday ribbon
  4. Use ribbon for ties and bows on holiday party favors
  5. Hang holiday cards you receive from loved ones using your favorite holiday ribbon
  6. Tie holiday ribbon around homemade treats and goodies for gifts
  7. Tie a bow around mason jar gifts using holiday ribbon
  8. Add holiday ribbon embellishments to invitations and cards
  9. Wrap holiday ribbon around gift boxes and wrapped presents to add a little something extra

Holiday Ribbon Wholesale at Such Good Supply

From presents to holiday cards, to Christmas trees, banisters, ornaments and wreaths, the uses for holiday ribbon are as wide and varied as your imagination. At Such Good Supply, we love working with and hearing from you—and since we are the makers and suppliers of an assortment of holiday ribbon options, we understand your needs well. Please contact us with questions and get in touch today to purchase wholesale holiday ribbon from Such Good Supply!