Single Sided Velvet Ribbon

The Nylvalour Swiss Velvet Ribbon is available in 72 colors and 7 widths, and is considered the industry gold standard.  We are proud to cary the full line of the Kuny single sided velvet Swiss velvet ribbon in all 71 colors and 7 widths. 

Because the single sided Swiss velvet ribbon is 100% washable and color safe, it is a perfect choice for hat makers, costume designers, seamstresses, shoe designers, and anyone working with clothing and garments. The Nylvalour Swiss Velvet Ribbon is perfect for gift giving, exclusive packaging, jewelry design, floral design, gift wrap and holiday decorations and wreaths.  This single sided velvet ribbon is also used on wedding invitations and centerpieces as well as in making pet collars and accessories, hair bows and hair clips.  

The Kuny Nylvalour Swiss Velvet Ribbon is widely considered the be the best available, and with consistent color, width and availability, we think you will agree!


100% Nylon


Manufactured in Switzerland

Available by the Yard, 11 yard roll and Wholesale Spool


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