Single Sided Velvet Ribbon

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The single sided velvet ribbon is available in 55+ colors and 7+ widths.  We love this Swiss velvet ribbon for crafting, pet supplies, wedding invitations and centerpieces, scrapbooking, floral arrangements, and just about anything else you can imagine.

The Kuny Nylvalour Swiss Velvet Ribbon is widely considered the be the best available, and with consistent color, width and availability, we agree!


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Wholesale Evergreen Glitter Velvet Ribbon - Such Good Supply

Wholesale Dark Green Glitter Velvet Ribbon

$196.59 - $275.69
Wholesale Dark Green Glitter Velvet Ribbon  Wholesale Dark Green Glitter Nylvalour velvet ribbon by the factory spool.  Buy More and Save More - Color mix and match qualifies - Discounts shown in the cart 3-10 rolls take 10% off 11-19 rolls...
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