A Guide to Types of Dog Leash Clips, Harness Clips, and Collar Clips

Looking to make dog leashes, collars, or harnesses for your retail store or design one as a customized gift to your furry friend? Although small, an important factor you’ll need to consider is the type of leash clip - or harness or collar clip - you’ll be using. Such Good Supply breaks down the different types of leash, collar, and harness clips to choose from.

Dog Leash Clip Types

Snap hooks are typically the go-to choice for dog leash clips. There are two snap hook types: the bolt snap and the trigger snap.

Bolt Snap vs. Trigger Snap

The trigger snap comes in a small, flat o-ring shape and has a level that can be pressed to open the clip. On the other hand, the bolt snap has a straight bolt that is held closed by a spring. Pressing down on the spring opens the leash clip. Due to bolt snaps being easier to open and close, they are the more popular choice for dog leashes. Such Good Supply offers the bolt trigger snap hooks in a variety of materials, including solid brass, zinc die cast, and stainless steel.

Swivel vs. Fixed Dog Leash Clip Types

Both types of snap hooks can have a swivel-eye or fixed-eye. A fixed-eye snap hook is made with an eye opening that does not move or rotate, while a swivel-eye snap hook rotates as your dog moves. Swivel-eye snap hooks tend to be preferred for dog leash clips since they offer more flexibility in movement than fixed-eye snap hooks. All of Such Good Supply’s dog leash clips are made with a swivel-eye snap hook for optimal mobility when walking your pup.

Dog Harness and Collar Buckle Types

When it comes to deciding on a dog harness buckle or collar buckle, there are several options you can choose from.

Side Release Buckle

Side release buckles are considered to be the most popular buckle for dog harnesses and collars. This is mostly due to their durability and easy opening. To open this type of buckle, all you need to do is press on the side of the buckle, as the name suggests! Many side release buckles have open slits on the outer ends, so you can adjust the size of the collar or harness as needed.

What’s more, side release buckles offer the space to engrave your dog’s name and important contact information right onto the buckle.

There are a variety of different types of side release buckles that Such Good Supply offers, including:

  • Metal Side Release Buckles: Metal side release buckles are perfect for those looking for a high-end, eye-catching look.
  • Hybrid Side Release Buckles: Hybrid side release buckles are made with a plastic male buckle end and a metal female buckle end. This option is lightweight and aesthetically-pleasing.
  • Plastic Side Release Buckles: Plastic side release buckles are a great choice because they are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective. These buckles are also ideal for dogs who are aggressive pullers.
  • Contoured Side Release Buckles: A contoured side release buckle is designed to offer a more comfortable fit on your dog, making this great for active dogs that move around a lot while wearing their collar or harness.

Triglides/Slip Locks

Triglids, also known as slip locks, are used to adjust collar or harness size to perfectly fit your dog’s size. Such Good Supply offers brass, nickel-plated, and plastic triglides in a variety of sizes, including ⅝-, ¾-, 1-, 1.5-, and 2-inch widths.

Heel Bar Buckles

Considered to be the traditional belt buckle style, heel bar buckles have a prong that is connected to the end of the buckle. Available at Such Good Supply in stainless steel and solid brass, heel bar buckles are a stylish and durable option for dog collars and harnesses.

Center Bar Buckles

Center bar buckles have a similar style to heel bar buckles. However, center bar buckles have a prong that is located in the middle of the buckle frame. Such Good Supply offers these in stainless steel, brass, and zinc- and nickel-plated. These buckles offer heavy duty protection for your dog’s collar or harness.

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