Side Release Buckles

At Such Good Supply we love side release buckles and use them daily in many of our projects and product lines.  From the Weinerlock side release buckles that are perfect as cat and dog collar buckles to zinc die cast and plastic metal hybrid buckles, we are sure to have something to fit your needs.

Black Acetal Plastic Side Release Buckles

The Black plastic side release buckles are perfect for dog and cat collars as well as backpacks, bracelets, belts, and any other gear where a strong lightweight buckle is needed.

  • ITW Nexus contoured side release buckle - Military grade, manufactured in North America - this is one tough buckle
  • Weinerlock side release buckles - Strong, high quality dog and pet collar buckle
  • Imported plastic side release buckle -Light weight, cost effective and durable multi use buckle

Hybrid Side Release Buckles

The plastic metal hybrid side release buckle is a great choice for light and medium weight use.  These buckles work well on pet collars for non-aggressive dogs, purses, backpacks, bracelets and anywhere a stylish lightweight side release buckle is needed.

  • Shiny Nickel plated hybrid side release buckle
  • Satin finished hybrid side release buckle
  • Brass plated hybrid side release buckle

Personalized Side Release Buckles

We both use and supply laser engraved side release buckles in a variety of styles.  From a one off buckle with your personal information for use on a personalized dog collar or medical alert bracelet to hundreds of buckles engraved with your companies logo, we can do it all.

  • Laser engraved side release dog and cat collar buckles
  • Personalized medical alert buckles
  • Wholesale account discounts available to manufacturers 
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