Nickel Plated Triglides/Slip Locks

The Nickel Plated Triglides and slip locks are strong, versatile and work well for many types of projects.  They work perfectly as martingale dog collar triglides as well as camera and guitar strap tri-slides.

These silver metal double loop sliders are used on purse straps, webbing, leather straps, handbags.  

Double loop triglides are a versatile piece that are often used as strap adjusters






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3/4 inch metal triglide nickel plated double loop slider

3/4 Inch Nickel Plated Slip Lock

$1.47 - $64.00
The 3/4 inch nickel plated triglide works well on all types of straps where a tri slide adjuster is needed. This shiny silver slip lock is perfect for all materials and works especially well on dog collars, high end camera straps, and bag and purse...
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