Red Wine Gold Edge Velvet Ribbon - 11 Yard Roll

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Red Wine Gold Edge Velvet Ribbon - 11 yard roll

The Red Wine gold edge velvet ribbon has a soft plush with a burgundy red color and a beautiful gold edge woven finish.

Gold Edge velvet is the perfect ribbon to have on hand for the holiday season. Adding that extra special sparkle to gift wrapping, wreaths, centerpieces, tree bows and so much more! Velvet ribbon is easy to sew, glue, wrap or tie to your project quickly and easily.

Product Highlights

  • Velvet with woven gold edge - 100% polyamide/nylon
  • 100% washable
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • 4 widths 
  • Nylvalour Swiss Velvet Ribbon in color way: Wine 424

We LOVE working with and hearing from you.  We supply to the wedding, floral, crafting, scrapbooking, pet product, and manufacturing communities and since we are makers as well as suppliers we understand your needs well.  Please contact us with questions or for deeper discounts on large and or ongoing quantities.

Factory Measurements

Manufactured in Switzerland using Metric, actual measurements are listed in millimeters (mm) please see inch equivalents below.

  • 3/8 inch width velvet is 9mm or .354 inches
  • 5/8 inch width velvet is 16mm or .63 inches
  • 7/8 inch width velvet is 22mm or .866 inches
  • 1.5 inch width velvet is 36mm or 1.42 inches

**Shades may not be true due to variations in computer monitors, tablet, phone and laptop screens**